We are a community of artists who are excited about the renaissance of art that God is manifesting in our world. It is the realization that all artists are prophets and that God is revealing the heart of the Father through all art.

We Believe in Creating Art that Reveals the Heart of the Father


We are a close-knit community of emerging prophetic artists, supporting one another in our creative and spiritual journeys.


Our focus is on equipping emerging artists with skills and spiritual insight to effectively convey God's message through their art.

Influencing Culture

We aspire to reshape culture by using prophetic art to foster understanding, unity, and empathy in society.

Connecting to the Holy Spirit

We as artists seek a deep connection with the Holy Spirit, infusing divine inspiration into our creations to resonate with God's love and messages.

About Emerging Prophetic Artists

Welcome to the world of Emerging Prophetic Artists, a vibrant community of creatives who share a deep passion for the artistic renaissance that God is bringing to life. We believe that within every artist lies the spirit of a prophet, and through our art, we have the privilege of unveiling the very heart of the Father. Our mission is simple yet profound: Creating Art that reveals the Heart of the Father.

We recognize that art is a powerful medium through which God's messages, emotions, and love are channeled to touch the hearts of people. It is in this realization that we find inspiration and purpose.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of artistic and spiritual exploration. Together, we are part of a divine renaissance, where art becomes a conduit for divine revelation. As we paint, sculpt, write, and create, we are prophets in our own right, unveiling the mysteries of God's love and grace.

Explore our community, connect with like-minded souls, and be a part of this exciting movement. Let's continue to paint the world with the colors of spirituality and creativity, revealing the Heart of the Father through our artistry.

Taste and See Workshop - Live

Unlock the full potential of your prophetic art! Join our LIVE workshop designed for artists seeking a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit and prophetic insights. Delve into techniques to attune your ear to God's voice, supported by solid Biblical foundations in prophecy and prophets. We'll guide you in strengthening your ability to hear God's voice and enrich your artistic journey. Elevate your art and spirituality - reserve your spot now!

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